Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Vocabulary Lesson

In recent weeks – and even days – I have noticed a variety of words from the world of sports and entertainment have crept into the daily conversations I have with my roommate and other friends. Without any formal discussion, we began sprinkling these terms into conversation and immediately knew what they stood for. Ah, the strange world of being a sports fan.

n. (hunj) - 100 points, usually in a game of NCAA '06 for Playstation Orig. Unknown
Use: "I saw that you beat kansas." --> "Yeah, I layed the hunge"

Brad n. (brad) - a football play in which the player makes a miraculous escape, at times looking like he morphed from one side of the pile to the other. Orig. Brad Smith
Use: "How did Reggie Bush get that first down?" --> "He pulled a Brad"

Lofa Tatupu v. (lo-fah ta-too-poo) - to "go" No. 2 Orig. Unknown
Use: "Where are you going, the commercial's almost over" --> "Man, I have to Lofa Tatupu"

Brokeback adj. (broke-back) - effeminate Orig. Brokeback Mountain
Use: "Does this shirt go with my skin tone? It's all about skin tone." --> "Nah, it's a little brokeback for my tastes"

Moody adj. (mooooooooooo-dy) - 1. Prone to choking, 2. Prone to missing wide-open shots Orig. Christian Moody
Use: "I can't believe you missed that jump shot. You were wide open" --> "I know, I had a Moody moment"

Kobe n. (ko-bee) - a sum of 81 or more points Orig. Kobe Bryant
Use: "Did you get to the hunge?" --> "No, but I did drop a Kobe on them

Vanderjagt v. (vander-jack) - completely choke under pressure Orig. Mike Vanderjagt
Use: "How did Christian Moody miss TWO free throws?" --> "He Vanderjagt-ed, plain and simple"

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