Sunday, January 15, 2006

Guy on the bench

I've finally gotten to the bottom of the "Who is the guy on the bench in street clothes?" question, so I will share the answer so that we can all move on with our lives.

His name is Demetrius Williamson. He used to be on the track team and is a walk-on that is red-shirting this year. Apparently, he helps out the team in practice. Nick Berardini (this year's 12th man on the bench) did the same thing last year.


Rocky Mountain Tiger said...

My, that law school must not be time consuming at all.

Anonymous said...

But I apparently assume that this kid can play. I heard that he dunked on Marcus Watkins in practice this year and is seeing a lot of floor time in practice that just isn't consisting of the scout team. Maybe we will see him in action next year for the team. He proved the question about his skills at the rec center plenty of times by standing out from his other teammates who were with him.