Thursday, January 12, 2006

Can't the Bengals catch a break?

I don't mean to go completely off topic, but I have to comment on my hometown Cincinnati Bengals. What will it take for these guys to catch a break? Does the universe hate them?

In case you've been living in a hole, star quarterback Carson Palmer was injured last Sunday on the Bengal's second offensive play of the game. After a 15-year playoff drought, the excitement for Bengals fans lasted less than a quarter. When Palmer was carted off the field, you knew the Bengals were done. Sure enough, the Steelers went on to win.

The more crushing news came today. After surgery, Palmer's doctor said the damage to the knee was worse that he first suspected, calling it a "potentially career-ending injury". The doctor went on to say that he was confident Palmer -- the face of the new Bengals -- could make a full recovery.

But let's be honest here... these are still the Cincinnati Bengals. This is the team that drafted David Klingler, Akili Smith, Ki-Jana Carter and Dan Wilkson with top five picks. This is the team that let Joe Montana drive 90 yards to win the Super Bowl. This is the team that until recently was the laughingstock of professional sports. With such a terrible history, are you really expecting a full recovery for Palmer?

I hope the doctors are right. I really believe Marvin Lewis has the Bengals headed in the right direction and Carson Palmer (if healthy) has the potential to be a franchise quarterback. Maybe he will come back and play even better next season. But fair warning... if he doesn't, it might be a long time before the Bengals make another playoff appearance.

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