Friday, March 17, 2006

Tourney Thoughts, Day One

By Tiger Fan

-Gig'em Aggies! Given my upbringing in an Aggie family, I'm obviously rooting for these guys. But I recommend that everyone else jump on the bandwagon too. What's not to like?

-Speaking of things not to like: Adam Morrison deserves a quick punch in the kidney. He's ugly as sin, plays dirtier than Vlade Divac and after watching him hit himself in the head with the ball last night, I think he might actually be clinically insane. At this point, I'd say he is destined to play for the Trail Blazers... you know how much they love overrated scorers who don't play defense and are messed up in the head. The bonus is that he's from the Pacific northwest! I could go on, but I really shouldn't...

-The UW-M Panthers are on the prowl again... but let's be honest, did anyone really think Oklahoma was going to make a deep run into the tourney? They lost to Mizzou in Norman. Mizzou. We are/were TERRIBLE. No team that lost to the Tigers this year will make it very far in the tourney. You hear that kansas fans? No one.

-How about the mighty Big East, off to an 0-3 start? Fantastic.

-I'm using's bracket rankings to do a little experiment. After one day, here's how my brackets are playing out: My actual predictions have me in the 87th percentile, my predictions based on mascot have me in the 24th percentile and my predictions based on where I would rather live have me in the 11th percentile. So far, so good... makes me feel like I have SOME idea what I'm talking about. But we'll see how it ends up.

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