Thursday, February 16, 2006

Weekly Report

Tiger notes…

-The Tiger wrestlers continued an excellent season, beating top 25 foes in consecutive matches on Sunday and Monday. The Tigers beat No. 7 Iowa State 16-15 and No. 25 Northern Iowa 26-10. Also, junior Matt Pell was named Big XII Wrestler of the Week.

-The women’s basketball team continued their march to the NCAA tournament, beating kU 64-57 and Oklahoma State 69-65. The win over kU brought Mizzou to within 1.5 points in the Border War standings.

-The track and field team did well at the Iowa State Classic over the weekend. Senior Ashley Patten qualified for the NCAA Indoor Championships by winning the 800m title and sophomore Elisha Hunt broke the school weight throw record by nearly a foot.

-The highly touted baseball team is off to an inauspicious 2-2 start. The Tigers fell to No. 12 in this week’s Baseball America poll.

-Thanks to the newly completed Mizzou Aquatics center, the swimming and diving team will host the Big XII conference tournament for the first time, beginning Feb. 22.

-Oh, and I’m told there was some news this week about the Mizzou basketball team. It hasn’t been talked about much, but apparently Quin Snyder resigned, Chad Moller and friends handled it poorly, the team won on Sunday, the school celebrated its basketball centennial, the athletic department threw Gary Link under the bus, Harpo’s threw the athletic department out on the street and Elson Floyd launched an investigation into how Snyder’s departure was handled. All in all, a pretty quiet week.

-Joking aside, I have to weigh in on the public relations disaster that is the MU athletic department. Quite frankly, I’m not sure how anyone in the sports information department still has a job. Every time there is even a slight problem, they handle it so poorly that it becomes a full-blown scandal… and sometimes, they create the scandal themselves. Remember when they removed Ricky Clemons from a photo in the media guide? Remember when they lied to the press about why the medical examiner wasn’t at the press conference after Aaron O’Neil died? Now, we have a situation where they could have spun Quin’s resignation in a positive light by showing that the program was moving forward. But they are so focused on limiting information and controlling the press that they have turned this into a scandal too. My message to them: You’re not fooling anyone. Dennis Harper obviously got tired of all the lies when he kicked Tiger Talk out of Harpo’s. Maybe it’s time for those in charge of the department to get tired of the lies and do some housecleaning in the MU sports information department. The first shirt I was given when I went to J-School had a saying on the back: “Telling the truth is always revolutionary.” Allow me to be the first to advocate a revolution in the athletic department.

Quick-hit non-Mizzou thoughts…

For my thoughts on the Winter Olympics, go here… How does the vice president accidentally shoot someone? Why weren’t there Secret Service guys standing next to him whispering, “Sir, you may wish to point the gun somewhere else so you don’t shoot that guy”? This is just a classic example of the old adage that guns don’t hurt people, vice presidents with guns hurt people… If Peyton Manning plays in the Pro Bowl and there’s no one watching, does he still stink? The answer is yes… My four No. 1 seeds right now: Duke, UConn, Villanova and Memphis… The most overrated player in college basketball right now is not J.J. Redick. It’s Adam Morrison… While we’re on the topic of college basketball: I was told this week that Tyler Hansborough looks like Cookie Monster… I sure wish Cookie Monster played for Mizzou… Just for the heck of it: Vai Sikahema… Worst trend in sports reporting: Criticizing certain sports and venues. The best example of this is self-righteous columnists who found it necessary to rip on Detroit as the Super Bowl host city and are now getting their kicks from making fun of Olympic sports. I think these people are forgetting that without sports, they would be covering city council meetings and writing obits. Besides, I’d like to see some of these guys try to ski a downhill slope or do a triple axel. Anyone who claims the winter games aren’t real sports needs to get over themselves...

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