Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tiger Fan's Prediction Spectacular

You want rampant, uneducated, early speculation? You got it.

MLB Predictions:

AL East: New York Yankees – This team is too good to miss the playoffs

AL Central: Chicago White Sox – The defending champs are just as good, if not better

AL West: Oakland Athletics – The trendy pick this year… they’ll get this far

AL Wildcard: California (yeah, I’m old school) Angels – I think the Blue Jays and the Red Sox will cancel each other out in the AL East… and the Angels get to play the Mariners and Rangers all year

NL East: Atlanta Braves – Until someone else wins that division…

NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals – They might clinch by the All-Star break

NL West: L.A. Dodgers – Someone has to win that division

NL Wildcard: N.Y. Mets – Surely they can live up to the hype sometime, right?

World Series: Cardinals over White Sox

Early Predictions: 2006 College Football Season

1. Ohio State – The Fiesta Bowl is a sign of things to come

2. West Virginia – Yes, the Big East doesn’t deserve an automatic BCS bid… but tell that to Georgia. By the way, the two best WVU players last season were freshmen

3. USC – They don’t rebuild, they reload

4. Notre Dame – Charlie Weis has now had a full year with the Irish. Look out.

5. Texas – They would be No. 1 if Vince Young was still in school.

6. LSU – Loaded with talent… can they bring it together?

7. Florida – Urban Meyer is always better in the second season… and that will need to continue for the Gators if they hope to match the accomplishments of the hoops team.

8. Cal – Don’t look for much defense, but the Bears sure can score.

9. Penn State – Never count out JoePa… who knew?

10. Oklahoma – Adrian Peterson is healthy. The rest of the Big XII will be in trouble if the Sooners figure out how to block.


Really Early Predictions: 2007 College Basketball Season

*Assuming everyone comes back

1. Florida – If all the underclassman come back, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt

2. Ohio State – They were a No. 2 seed before they brought in three All-Americans

3. North Carolina – Hansborough is a beast and Roy is bringing in a lot of talent around him

4. LSU – Again, this is assuming everyone comes back

5. Duke – Shockingly, Duke has reloaded with freshman stars

6. Arizona – Strong recruiting class

7. Memphis – Calipari has a solid young team who went further than most people thought in the tourney

8. kU – Unfortunately, the beakers don’t lose anyone from a team that shared the Big XII title last year. They’re all young and only going to get better. Ouch.

9. UCLA – Young talent will mix well with the team that made it all the way to finals.

10. George Mason – Why not?

Big XII Predictions


2. Texas – This assumes that everyone comes back

3. Texas A&M – Acie Law is a star in the making

4. Oklahoma State – Look for the Cowboys to have a bounce-back year

5. MissouriAnderson has the potential to make things exciting

6. Oklahoma – Sooners will struggle without their three best players… and their coach

7. Kansas State – Huggins could get them even further than this

8. Iowa State – McDermott is good… but his roster is not

9. Texas Tech – Bobby Knight has lost the magic

10. Nebraska – Barry Collier never had the magic

11. Colorado – They are losing 10 seniors… I don’t care how good Roby is.

12. Baylor – As bad as they are, they did beat us last year… by a lot…


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Born-a-Tiger said...

Jeeze, Bryan... drinkin' the kool-aid much?

Mizzou at No. 5?

But the Big 12 does suck...