Monday, February 06, 2006

Looking toward next year already...

By Born-a-Tiger
So as I sit here for my Super Bowl shift (it's going to be a late one, fella.) I decided that I could use my free time to discuss a subject that frighteningly is the only solace I can take in Missouri basketball: next season.

You see, there are a few positives from this season:
Positive factor No. 1: Quin finally has coached so poorly that Mike Alden can't possibly find a reason to retain his (dis)services.
Positive factor No. 2: Quin has driven enough of a wedge between himself and Thomas Gardner that T.G. wouldn't transfer if Quin leaves.

So I look to next season, when hopefully a new coach will guide the Black and Gold. I don't care if he's young or old or short or tall, etc. All I care is that he inspires his players to play hard, he teaches them and improves their games during their careers, and that he knows how to install an offense that works. Dana Altman would work. So would Mark Turgeon (at Wichita State, even though he's a kU grad.)

The sad thing is, the new coach will inherit a team incredibly decrepit at the two most important—or at least hardest to fill—positions in the game: point guard and post scorer.

Jason Horton hasn't shown anything to make me think he's capable of being a good Big 12 point guard. Unless trying to dribble the ball THROUGH the floor counts. And I don't even know where to go to talk about a post scorer. I don't think there is one to speak of.

I guess there is SOME good news: the new coach can't be worse than Quin. Gardner is a proven scorer. Brown shows flashes, and I think he'd really flourish if he was allowed to play the 3 (that would improve the rebounding significantly, too). Leo Lyons obviously is a great athlete, and he's skilled. If he can get stronger and become accustomed to the college game, he could make a big leap next season. Ty Morrison is a great juco player—and not just according to us. Keon Lawrence IS Jimmy McKinney, from the way it sounds. Hopefully the new coach can develop him.

It's thoughts like these that keep me sane and temper the bitter feelings at least enough to keep me from abandoning all hope for the basketball program.

In other news:
Rock Bridge High QB Logan Gray recently ran a 4.4 40. Hmm... 6-3 QB with great speed and a cannon arm. Sounds like a good fit in that spread offense his hometown college likes to run.

Jerramy Stevens ... way to back up your comments with good play in the Super Bowl. Oh wait. Never mind.

When you see the MU gymnastics, wrestling, swimming and diving and baseball teams all doing great, you have to wonder why Mike Alden can't hire revenue sport coaches.

I think John Madden is about 20 minutes from the rest home. The guy just yammers on... one of these days, he going to forget where he is during a broadcast.

The officiating in the NFL game was horrible, which further proves my point: Ed "I have the biggest muscles ever" Hoculi should have been the referee.

That's all I've got. It's 3:30 in the a.m.


jamie wachter said...

31 days until the end of the Quin Snyder era

YSG said...
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YSG said...

I deleted my typo there. Anyway those guys from the Texas game have nothing on the original. Here's to an era of actual offensive sets being run by the Tigers.