Thursday, February 23, 2006

Gimme hell!

40 minutes of hell, that is...

I'm tired of hearing about all these investigations and political posturing nonsense. I realize our future is tied to the findings, but I want to generate some words about the future.

I've decided the best coaching candidate for the Tiger boys (other than me, that is) has to be Alabama-Birmingham's Mike Anderson, and he represents the optimum choice for more than his number of wins or recent success in the NCAA Tournament. (In his first three years, three UAB teams have each won 20 or more games, been to the NIT quarterfinals, two NCAA tournament appearances - a second-round finish and one Sweet 16 appearance. And keep in mind, all that came in Conference USA, which used to be a good conference.) Anderson should be the eventual choice because of how his teams play. A protégé of former Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson, Anderson has players in opponents' faces all game long. Instituting that system allows players of inferior talent (read:most of the Tigers' roster) to excel. Pressing and forcing turnovers, in turn, yields an electrifying game, fast breaks, layups, quick turnarounds. It's attractive to fringe fans, which ishow "die hard" Missouri fans so often act. Anderson would bring fans to fill "The Plage" and get them jumping and screaming. That's what we need.

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Born-a-Tiger said...

I concur... Anderson would be a great fit. It would give Missouri a distinct, fun style of play—that plays well to television and recruits. This style of play doesn't require a bunch of McDonald's AAs to be effective. It even probably would be successful very quickly because of the speed, length and skills of the current players. Picture this lineup in a running/trapping style:


With Keon Lawrence, Matt Lawrence, Glen Dandridge (sharp-shooters and scorers all) off the bench.

Of course, this assumes that everyone who is supposed to be here next year actually is...