Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Game Diary, MU vs. Baylor (sort of)

Sure, Missouri has lost five straight games by double digits... but Baylor's good for what ails you, right? Right?

19:09: First basket of the game: Baylor’s Aaron Bruce makes a nice pass inside for a layup. Kevin Young stupidly fouls the Baylor player, but not hard enough to make him miss the shot. Great start.

18:37: Wow. Rare James Doulgas citing; he grabs an offensive foul and dishes to Gardner for a three. Amazing—maybe he CAN play. Chris Gervino makes reference to “aggressive” Missouri defense. I laugh until I cry.

17:25: Douglas promptly turns the ball over on the break. Maybe he CAN’T play. I realize that if I were Jason Horton, nothing would embarrass me more than losing playing time to James Douglas.

16:55: Another Gardner to Brown alley-oop. How does this play work so often. Missouri does it at least twice a game…

15:40: Why does Jason Horton ever shoot threes?

14:23: Jason Horton commits an obvious offensive foul trying to set a screen. What a player.

13:40: Kevin Young just hit an 8-footer… what? It still disturbs me that he’s Missouri’s second best player. That’s a great sign for the future…

12:20: Missouri has gone to a lineup featuring Douglas AND Horton. Can someone explain to me why this is happening?

10:40: Jason Horton shoots another three. He misses again. Again, why?

9:57: I get bored and decide to lay down while I do this. At least I should be comfortable.

Halftime: I wake up and realize I fell asleep. I look at the score, and its 43-21. How has Missouri surrendered 43 first-half points to a team that AVERAGES 55? I don’t know. I realize only Missouri could allow such a thing. I don’t know for sure, but if I have to guess, this would be my venture: lots of turnovers, lots of missed threes, little defense, little heart. I realize I have no interest in continuing the log. I blame Quin.

End: Final score: I can’t even post this… all I know is only Missouri can give up 90 points to a team that averages 55/game. Quin, you’ve turned this program into an embarrassment. No one out there is playing for him; he has to go. He has to go. I can’t believe this. Is this some bizarre world? So embarrassed, I can’t even describe it.

M-I-Z … F-Q-S (fire Quin Snyder).

(Yeah, I stole that from Bryan, but I don’t care)

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jamie wachter said...

straight from Quin's postgame comments...this is why Mizzou has become a f'ing joke

"With a game like today, you feel that life has just ended," Missouri coach Quin Snyder said. "But there's more games left to play. I've got to figure out how to make my kids get better."

- maybe you should have tried to make your kids better since you got here in 1999, stupid bastard...the complete lack of development of players under Quin "coach" Snyder brings back a funny memory from a couple years ago when we were top 5 and playing Indiana and they showed the MU Player Development guide and how it had like 900 pages for each player. It turns out Quin spent more time putting together stupid guides than actually teaching what was in them

- also I hope by the time I wake up tomorrow, I will find out that Quin's life as Mizzou coach has indeed come to an end. of course that would make too much sense