Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The clouds have to part sometime, right?

By Born-a-Tiger

So, explain this to me: something good finally happens to Mike Alden—Quin Snyder “resigns”—and the MU athletic department still can’t avoid bad publicity.

The whole debacle with Gary Link—was he dispatched to tell Quin he needed to resign? Was he really just seeing how Quin was feeling?—just brings to light how incapable the MU athletic department is of handling public relations. Instead of focusing on the positive—moving forward with the basketball program, finishing the season on strong note, finding a coach who can rebuild the program—we’re all playing the “did he, didn’t he, he said, he said” game. Quin was just the start; Alden and his p.r. department need to go next.

Here’s a bit of advice for Alden and his underlings, while they’re still in power: try telling the truth to the public once in a while, especially when there’s no need to hide anything.


Anonymous said...

That's the problem... I think there's always *something* to hide with the MU athletic dept. One screw ball may be out with Q. hitting the road, but there are plenty of shady characters left.

Hell, even Dennis Harper is so fed up with the lies in this most recent debacle he's pulled Harpo's support of Tiger Talk! Next thing you know, MU fans will have to find another place to which they can carry the goal posts every three years or so in that one big win.

jamie wachter said...

one more reason Alden needs to go, as if any more were needed, and I'm sure Rocky Mountain Tiger would agree - he scheduled the Mizzou football team to play at freaking Troy!