Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blitzed by the beakers

By Born-a-Tiger:

I was going to attempt a game log for yesterday's contest with the hated Beakers, but decided not to at the last moment. As it turned out, the contest was no contest, so I made the right choice. But here are a few random observations from the biggest massacre in Lawrence since Qunatrill and his merry band rolled that way...

1) So much for the Tigers giving improved effort under Melvin Watkins.
2) In an effort-related topic, if the Tigers players loved Quin so much and were so loyal to him, why did they play like they didn't care during that six-game losing streak?
3) Jason Horton might be the worst point guard I've seen yet... he continually misses wide open teammates in favor of dribbling to the basket, then weakly turning the ball over. Which begs the queston: If you've got a point guard that can't shoot, can't drive and can't pass, is he really a point guard?
4) In a Jason-Horton related topic, if all it takes to get Horton to leave Mizzou at the end of the year was getting rid of Quin, why didn't Quin make a much quicker exit?
5) Missouri's lack of toughness continues to frustrate me... this team can't handle a little physicality on defense. Hopefully, that relic of the Quin Snyder era will soon be gone... you can call Norm Stewart's team a lot of things, but "not tough enough" never was one of them.
6) No matter who the coach is, I don't expect this team to be much better next season... there are serious deficiencies at point guard and center (such as having no viable options at those positions for next season. Unless you consider Horton and Kalen Grimes viable options; if you do, I think you might need your head checked), and the incoming recruiting class doesn't offer much help in those areas. Of course, I don't guess Tennessee fans expected their team to be much improved in Bruce Pearl's first season, and look what has happened there. Maybe I'll be surprised.

Other random thoughts;

I don't know how many of you caught the 48 Hours special on the murder of former Columbia Daily Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholdt, but I know I came away from that broadcast with serious concerns about the conviction of Ryan Ferguson. Here are the biggest problems I had:
1) the police feeding details of the case to Chuck Erickson, who didn't seem to know any of the details of the murder and repeatedly questioned whether he had dreamed it all up.
2) The fact the Erickson's entire confession is based on leaving By George (may it rest in piece) around 2 a.m., going to the Trib, robbing and murdering Heitholdt, going back to the club (with no blood from a very gruesome murder on their person?) and going back inside. How can anyone believe this story when it's well known that the bar in question closes at 1:30 a.m. and there is NO way they could have been there that long or gone back?
3) The juror that said his mind was made up before Ferguson took the stand. Yeah, that's a fair and impartial weighing of the evidence.
4) The juror that said her clincher was the look in Erickson's eyes when he looked at Ferguson-as if pleading with him-was the clincher for Ferguson's guilt. Way to go.
5) The complete lack of any physical evidence, despite the fact that this was a crime of passion, to link either Ferguson or Erickson.
6) Erickson being unsure and hesitant in his initial confessions, then being absolutely sure on the witness stand.
7) That 12 people could ignore the several good reasons for reasonable doubt of Ferguson's guilt and sentence Ferguson to 40 years in prison.

Whoo... that was longer than I expected. I guess I'll end this with one 'random thought.'

I'm out.

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