Saturday, January 14, 2006

Infamous Big 12 Referees

High praise tonight (Jan. 14) for the Big 12 officials after the Tigers' 74-71 loss to the Colorado. First, the referees FORGET that Marshall Brown is at the foul line shooting a 1-and-1 situation. Brown misses the free throw, but no one moves, including the refs. Brown has time to grab the rebound then miss an 8-foot jumper before anyone realizes what's happening. Then somehow, Missouri retains possession of the ball. Surely, my confusion about how Missouri got the ball had to do with the fact I couldn't hear the TV announcers, but the point remains.

Then the referees made a deplorable travelling call on Thomas Gardner with about 8 seconds left. They somehow ruled Gardner lost his footing when replays (and live action, I might add) showed he began to dribble before his foot came off the ground. The turnover allowed Colorado a final possession, and Chris Copeland drilled a 3-pointer for Colorado, giving the Buffaloes a cheap and undeserved road win. I can't say we should be 3-0 because we missed enough free throws to build a house. In addition, other than Kevin Young, los Tigres can't grab rebounds on consecutive possessions. Oh well, I think the loss to Sam Houston was more of an aberration, and we're better off than we thought.

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